Qi Consultancy is  your outstanding partner who helps you with the realization of your business objectives. The most important means we use for the realization of these objectives is providing flexible  business processes and finding new ways of making people communicate and cooperate  proactively and as optimally as possible.

Added value to tomorrow’s market

At the cutting edge of sales, marketing and operations we specialize in making organizations respond to new opportunities and developments in markets both well-known and new to them. Qi consultancy possesses  all in-house capabilities and skills to give a commercial boost and new energy to enhancing the chance of profit and raising the  accompanying turnover of your organization.


The QI promise

Qi Consultancy promises result. That is why we make  you the following five promises:

  1. We take care of trust within your department or organization.
  2. We do not avoid confrontations so that problems are named and solved.
  3. We aim to create involvement and unity within your team; in this way willingness to work together is created.
  4. We confront people with their responsibilities.
  5. We focus on collective results and performance-related employees.


Qi-people: the key-drivers behind our and your organization

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